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How to setup transparent Switchover / Failover to application and clients

If there is a failover or switchover and if user(s) are trying to connect to database with same connect string, end up with below error message C:\>sqlplus system/password@trg1 SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Fri Jul 17 12:29:25 2009 Copyright … Continue reading

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Step by step Data Guard implementation

Step by step Data Guard implementation (On Oracle 10gR2) Assuming that PRIMARY Database is up and running and Oracle s/w is installed on STANDY Server. Oracle_home=/oracle/ora10g Oracle_base=/oracle PRIMARY Server: Host name : traindb1 Database name (db_name): trg Database Unique Name … Continue reading

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Identify and kill the locking session(s) automatically

# This script will generate kill session(s) script with session and other information and kills the session (s) automatically. #!/bin/sh export RUN_DATE=`date ‘+%y_%m_%d_%H_%M’` # Number of seconds since last activity had happened. (10 mins) change as per your requirement export … Continue reading

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