Step by Step Install of Grid Control 11g R2 on AIX UNIX

Step 1 # Installation the Oracle 11g2 Database binaries.

Step 2 # Creation of the database for OEM repository.

Please update the follow init parameters’ value at OMS database:

SQL> alter system set session_cached_cursors=500 scope=spfile;
System altered.

SQL> alter system set processes=1000 scope=spfile;
System altered.

SQL> ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE ‘/omsq1/oracle/dbdata/omsq1/undotbs01.dbf’ RESIZE 500M;
Database altered.

Step 3 # Creating of the Oracle Middleware Home and Installation of Oracle WebLogic Server.
If you are installing WebLogic Server on a 64-bit platform using a .jar installation program:

#./java -d64 -jar wls1032_generic.jar

Step 4 # To Install OEM Grid Server 11g2 s/w

Your platform requires the root user to perform certain pre-installation OS preparation.  The root user should run the shell script ‘’ before you proceed with Oracle installation. can be found at the top level of the CD or the stage area.
Answer ‘y’ if root has run ‘’ so you can proceed with Oracle installation.
Answer ‘n’ to abort installation and then ask root to run ‘’.
Has ‘’ been run by root? [y/n] (n)
Starting Oracle Universal Installer…
Checking Temp space: must be greater than 190 MB.   Actual 1959 MB    Passed
Checking swap space: must be greater than 150 MB.   Actual 8192 MB    Passed
Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors.    Actual 16777216    Pas
Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2011-02-28_02-16-50PM.


Select the option “Install a new Enterprise Manager System”

Select path / Home of Weblogic for “Oracle Middleware Home location”
Select OMS Oracle Database home location  for “OMS Instance base location”


This information is also available at:
See below for information pertaining to your Enterprise Manager installation:
Use the following URL to access:
            1.EnterpriseManager Grid Control URL: https://p40:7799/em
            2. Admin Server URL: https://p40:7101/console
The following details need to be provided during the additional OMS install:
            1. Admin Server Hostname: tp40
            2.AdminServerPort: 7101
 An encryption key has been generated to encrypt sensitive data in the Management Repository. If this key is lost, all encrypted data in the Repository becomes unusable. Please run following command to backup the Management Service configuration including the emkey and keep the backup on another system:
 emctl exportconfig oms -dir <backup location>


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10 years of experience in Database Administrator for Oracle Database 10g//9i/8i/7.x with total 15 years’ comprehensive experience in IT , Pharma / Biotech , Manufacturing, Construction , Auto & Electronics.
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