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10 years of experience in Database Administrator for Oracle Database 10g//9i/8i/7.x with total 15 years’ comprehensive experience in IT , Pharma / Biotech , Manufacturing, Construction , Auto & Electronics.

To reset existing (Oracle) Sequence.

#Set the value of variable cnt_fx to reset the Oracle Sequence. #Replace owner and SEQUENCE_name with your schema owner and Sequence name. Login to Database and execute below SQLs: set serveroutput on declare cnt integer; — Target sequence number# — … Continue reading

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Step by Step Install of Grid Control 11g R2 on AIX UNIX

Step 1 # Installation the Oracle 11g2 Database binaries. Step 2 # Creation of the database for OEM repository. Please update the follow init parameters’ value at OMS database: SQL> alter system set session_cached_cursors=500 scope=spfile; System altered. SQL> alter system … Continue reading

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Step by step for Oracle 11g Database Replay feature

Step by step for Oracle 11g2 Database Replay feature    Create Tablespace “USERS”     SQL>CREATE TABLESpace users DATAFILE ‘/u01/oracle/dbdata/tstd11s/data/user01.dbf’ size 500m autoextend on maxsize 1g;    Create DIRECTORY to store Replay related files.    SQL>CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY dbreplay_capture_dir AS … Continue reading

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Recover Gaps in Standby Database from primary Using incremental backups

Recovering a Standby database from a missing archives log Recover Gaps in Standby Database from primary Using incremental backups A Physical Standby database synchs with Primary by continuous apply of archivelogs from a Primary Database. In case of an archivelog … Continue reading

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Completion time of RMAN / Data Pump

Sometime , we want to know how long RMAN or DATA PUMP export / import will take. Here are the sample SQLs to get to know: Note: PER_DONE — So far work done in % For RMAN: SQL>alter session set … Continue reading

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Environment setup at Oracle RAC Database Server on Linux o/s (oraenv)

I have a RAC database named “TEST”, with instances TEST1 and TEST2. The default entry in the oratab looks something like this: TEST:/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1:N [oracle@oscqadb02 ~]$ . oraenv ORACLE_SID = [QAERIE1] ? TEST — sets the *home* correctly, but does not … Continue reading

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Manually upgrade the Database 10g2 ( to Oracle database 11g2 on Redhat Linux 5

1. Run utlrp.sql to recompile any remaining stored PL/SQL and Java code. SQL> @utlrp.sql 2. Check dba_registry column comp_name format a40 set pagesize 50 set line 2000 select trim(comp_name) comp_name , version , status from dba_registry; 3. Verify that all … Continue reading

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